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Changzhou Guoxing Special Chemical Fiber Co., LTD is a private limited liability company that specializes in the production and processing of fine denier polypropylene filament, superfine denier polypropylene filament, as well as fine denier polypropylene DTY filament, whose headquarter locates in Zhaiqiao iIndustrial Park, QianHuang town, Wujin District, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province.Our company has successfully solved the problem of coloring fine denier filament and superfine denier polypropylene filament, possessing the ability of producing various colorful yarns according to customer"s requirements....... Changzhou Guoxing Special Chemical Fiber Co., LTDThe main production and marketing of polypropylene ultra-fine denier, ultra-fine denier, polypropylene fine denier, fine denier, fine denier polypropylene silk, fine denier, polypropylene ultrafine denier, polypropylene fine filament, fine denier long Silk, ultra-fine denier polypropylene filament, can be polished polypropylene ultra-fine silk, clothing with ultra-fine polyester filament。

Hydrophobic and sweating, smooth and easy to be dried
Soft and light texture,fit to skin
Low thermal conductivity,warm and comfortable
Dope dyeing,excellent color fastness
Wearresistant,washable,resistant to acid and alkali
Anti-bacterial and deodorant,sanitary and healthy
Environmental,free ofpollution
Quality of service
Our company has successfully solved the problem of coloring polypropylene superfine wire,with the capacity to produce various colors of yarn according to customer requirements.
Wide range of products
product specifications are as follows: 30D/24F ~ 300D/288F of DTY,ATY,FDY polypropylene superfine wire. It can be custormized quotas.
Strict Management
The company has a complate and scientific quality management system, its integrity ,ability and quality of products recognized by the industry.
Reasonable price
Polypropylene superfine fiber products has reached the same level of foreign products, with its excellent quality,unique environmental performance and reasonable price,has won the sportswear and underwear brand firms.


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Customer Reviews

We found through a friend of the country star,country star is very professional supplier of fine denier polypropylene. We work from 2012 to the present, their service is perfect every time. Professional, effcient,experienced and courteous service. They recommended!    ----Canadian   William
We are at the show and Guoxing know,through several communication and proofing,although this process is relatively long,but very happy that we finally get a good understanding and cooperation,our purchasing volume has begun to slowly increase!
                              ---Germary Eric
In the field of functional sports fabric,we have been keeping innovation, the cooperation can and country star, but also a great honor, country star team of highly professional,quality fine denier polypropylene is also very good,quick-drying,warm,dry,green,really is a great fiber!     ----France Gabin
Country start in and co-fiber,both sides are happy,fine denier polypropylene characteristic for our sports products increased competitiveness, we do it fast drying by the custormer recognition and love, we can have more hope for the future multi-professional cooperation            ----American Steven